Collaborate With Us

The Network collaborates with institutional partners to identify best pratices and create new blueprints for new, more open ways of governing. Explore a sample of the Network’s Opening Governance research methodologies below and click here to partner with the Network.

Designing a Data Collaborative

A new form of collaboration, beyond the public-private partnership model, in which participants from different sectors can exchange data to help solve public problems.

Targeted Citizen Engagement Convenings

Knowledge-sharing convenings between government officials and citizens around particular public priorities.

Smarter Crowdsourcing

A problem-solving process in which global experts are connected with government officials to share knowledge to the end of solving a specific public problem.

City Challenges

The City Challenges Program helps cities create the means for their communities to solve the most pressing and urgent public problems together.

Mapping and Understanding Open Data Demand

Increasing our understanding of the demand side of open data to improve matchmaking and problem solving.