Geoff Mulgan Looks Back at His 1997 Book Connexity on RSA Radio Podcast

Andrew Young — August 03, 2017

In a recent episode of the RSA Radio podcast, Network member Geoff Mulgan looks back on his 1997 book Connexity: How to Live in a Connected World. The podcast features Mulgan in conversation with Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

Episode Description:

“Matthew Taylor of the RSA asks if ideas really have the power to change the world by revisiting influential books on public policy with their authors. This week: ‘We’re Still Learning How to Live in a Connected World’. Matthew talks to Geoff Mulgan about his book ‘Connexity’ (1997). Shortly after its publication Mulgan became an advisor to Tony Blair’s newly formed New Labour government. The book described the growth in global connectedness ushering in a new age of interdependence and demanding an evolution in government and institutions. Does the failure to meet these challenges identified two decades ago help to explain our troubled times?”

Listen here.