Stefaan Verhulst on Bad Data and Data Responsibility

Audrie Pirkl — August 10, 2017

In two recent presentations, Network chief of research Stefaan Verhulst discusses issues related to solving problems with data. In the talks, Verhulst explores how bad data can create stumbling blocks for evidence-based policymaking, and how a new concept of data responsibility can help us more effectively unlock the value of data held by diverse actors while avoiding risks and potential harms.

First, in his presentation Bad Data: The Hobgoblin of Effective Government, hosted by the American Society for Public Administration, Verhulst delves into the following:

  • Ways bad data impacts the smooth functioning of states and localities
  • Information being out of date, inaccurate, incompatible, siloed, confusing, or difficult to use
  • Reasons data can be problematic, and the ramifications of its paramount importance

Verhulst also recently gave a TEDx talk focused on the importance of data responsibility, and how leveraging corporate data through data collaboratives can improve public life. The talk also also centered around the creation of effective and collaborative forms of governance, and the use of collaborative technologies to harness unprecedented volumes of information so as to advance the public good.

Read more about Bad Data here.

Watch the TEDx talk here.