Deborah Estrin for Dædalus: Resembling Our Digital Selves

Andrew Young — January 27, 2016

In the latest issue of Dædalus, the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Network member Deborah Estrin and Ari Juels, both of Cornell Tech, explore the rise and implications of the growing small data ecosystem. The essay is part of the Dædalus Winter issue, which focuses on “The Internet” and is guest edited by David D. Clark and Yochai Benkler.


Reassembling Our Digital Selves by Deborah Estrin (Cornell Tech and Weill Cornell Medical College) and Ari Juels (Cornell Tech) The explosive growth of personal sensors (like Fitbit products) and digital trackers has stirred enormous interest in harnessing and exploiting small data: the digital traces we create in our day-to-day lives. But who owns this data, and how can users unlock it to create actionable recommendations about health, productivity, and lifestyle—while preserving individual security and privacy?

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