Jesper Christiansen Discusses Public Culture at Public 2015 Symposium

Andrew Young — April 16, 2015

Today, MindLab’s Jesper Christiansen took part in the Public 2015 Symposium in Perth, Australia. Christiansen spoke as part of a panel on Public Culture. Joining him in the discussion of “powerful collaborations & blurred boundaries” were Paul Collard, Leo Van Loon, Alison Page, and Fenella Kernebone.

Session description:

“Increasingly creative crossovers and collaborations across cultures, disciplines and sectors that weave together past and present, heritage and future, are revealing different ways of working, knowledge and being in the world. From our built environment to new models for cultural spaces, organizations, projects, and education, hybrid practices that have creativity at their core are fostering innovative approaches to a range of challenges and generating new products, services, financing and solutions.”

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