Deb Roy Speaking at NECSI Distributed Organizations Salon

Andrew Young — March 09, 2015

On Wednesday March 11, Deb Roy will participate in the Distributed Organizations Salon hosted by the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI). He will be joined by fellow speakers Devin Balkind and Sam Klein.

Event description:

“When the complexity of collective behavior increases beyond the complexity of an individual, traditional, hierarchical organizations start to break down.

Therefore, as complexity rises globally, we need to start working on creating better decentralized social systems to address increasingly complex problems.

We’ve seen examples of distributed organizations and collective systems emerging organically as people learned to work together using modern technologies. We’ve also witnessed deliberate efforts to systematically build and improve distributed organizations using new generation technologies and a scientific approach.

On March 11th we are honored to host one of the first Salons on distributed organizations, and welcome three special guest to share their insights.” Read more and register here.