March 21, 2016—March 22, 2016

Operationalizing Data-Driven Collaborative Innovation

Hosted by

Pew Research Center


Pew Research Center

This convening of the MacArthur Research Network advanced the conversation about research on governance innovations. Network members and guest included Columbia Business School, a Presidential Innovation Fellow, Nesta, White House OSTP, World Bank, George Washington University, Department of Health and Human Services, Brookings Institute, Arizona State University, Pew Research Center, Harvard Business School, University of Toronto, The Governance Lab, World Bank, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, USAID, and MacArthur Foundation. During workshops, participants explored these questions:

  • How can privately held data be shared for public good?
  • In what scenarios can computing science connect with political science?
  • How can open governance mitigate or fall victim to the challenges of increasing ideological uniformity and partisan antipathy?
  • Can more evidence-based innovative strategies help the U.S. administration to address remaining priority challenges?
  • How can we build an evidence base and develop metrics around governance innovations to encourage adoption and continuation by the incoming U.S. presidential administration.
  • How can data be leveraged for safer and healthier communities?
  • How can we capture and study the evolving open data ecosystem?
  • How can data be shared responsibly?
  • How can we co-create and share best practices in open government innovation?
  • How can we build a research community around governance innovation research?
  • Patrick Bergemann, Columbia Business School
  • Henry Farrell, George Washington University
  • John Harlow, Arizona State University
  • Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School
  • Anita McGahan, University of Toronto
  • Beth Simone Noveck, The GovLab
  • Thomas Prehn, Mindlab
  • Lee Rainie, Pew Research
  • Stefaan Verhulst, The GovLab
  • Andrew Young, The GovLab
  • Jeff Chen, Presidential Innovation Fellow
  • Jesper Christiansen, Nesta
  • Daniel Correa, White House OSTP
  • Andrew Coy, White House OSTP
  • Steven Davenport, World Bank
  • Susannah Fox, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Kumar Garg, White House OSTP
  • Alaina Harkness, Brookings
  • Kristin Honey, White House OSTP
  • Tom Kalil, White House OSTP
  • Jocelyn Kiley, Pew Research Center
  • DJ Patil, White House OSTP
  • Tiago Peixoto, World Bank
  • Brian Pierce, DARPA
  • Wade Shen, DARPA
  • Lona Stoll, USAID
  • Jeff Ubois, MacArthur Foundation
  • Aden Van Noppen, White House OSTP