July 08, 2015—July 09, 2015

Data-Driven and Collaborative Solutions

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The gathering of the MacArthur Research Network began with a closed policy innovation workshopping session with the leading UK Government Reformers, and was followed by a day-long public forum examining data’s impact and new methods to gather data geared toward open governance. Network members and guests included Arizona State University, Cornell Tech, Nesta, The Governance Lab, The United KingdomParticipants explored questions such as:

  • How can data help to create new opportunities for citizens to collaborate with governing institutions to improve people’s lives?
  • How can new forms of collaboration, in the form of collective intelligence and networked expertise, produce the type of data-driven insights that can improve decision-making related to healthcare delivery, user-driven service design, and more?
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, W3C
  • Deborah Estrin, Cornell Tech
  • Erik Johnston, Arizona State University
  • Geoff Mulgan, Nesta
  • Beth Simone Noveck, The GovLab
  • Andrew Young, The GovLab
  • Stefaan Verhulst, The GovLab
  • Stefana Broadbent, Nesta
  • Alan Kantrow, The GovLab
  • Paul Maltby, UK Cabinet Office, Government Innovation Group
  • Arnaud Sagahuet, The GovLab
  • Tom Steinberg, mySociety