Lee Rainie Appears on CNBC's "On the Money" to Discuss the Future of Work

Andrew Young — September 07, 2017

On Sunday, Lee Rainie appeared on CNBC’s “On the Money” to discuss automation, robots and the future of work. Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, which Rainie directs, recently released a study on the subject called, “The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training.”

During the CNBC segment, Rainie noted that so-called “high-touch” jobs are likely to withstand the “rise of machines” for at least some time: 

“‘Anything that involves dealing directly with the public and taking care of them, either their needs in health or other places’ are likely to survive the robot onslaught, Rainie said. According to him, analysts also see a trend in in so-called S.T.E.M jobs involving science, technology, engineering and math. In particular, Lee pointed out algorithm writers and assessors in demand.”

He also reflected on the impact of automation and the rise of robotics in the workplace on training programs:

“‘Many colleges feel they are under pressure to produce graduates that are attuned to the new workplace,’ he said. ‘And they are inventing all sorts of new programs starting with online learning or hybrid courses that involve some level of classroom work as well as online work together.’ Rainie added that more colleges are promising alumni they will be there to help them as their work life evolves.”

Read more and watch the segment here