Erik Johnston Launches Research Project on Open Artificial Pancreas Initiative

Andrew Young — November 03, 2017

Supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Erik Johnston of Arizona State University recently launched a research project on OpenAPS. OpenAPS is an initiative created by Dana Lewis, a patient with Type 1 Diabetes who created an artificial pancreas to monitor and normalize her glucose levels. As part of the research project, Johnston and his team “will explore the potential of citizen scientists like Lewis to disrupt traditional scientific research and give patients the tools they need to better manage their health care.”

More information on the project:

“Over the course of the 18-month grant, the team will explore strategies for supporting patient-led research. An on-call data science team will collaborate with patients to answer questions from people with type 1 diabetes seeking to improve their knowledge of diabetes management. An open data repository will store patients’ donated glucose-monitoring information in support of community-based research and discovery. The team will scale the work to other patient communities through the creation of protocols and training materials, with the goal of reducing the distance between knowledge discovery and use.”

Read more here.

Watch a video on the OpenAPS initiative here.