Ahead of Next Month's Election, Geoff Mulgan Pens Open Letter on Governing London

Andrew Young — April 11, 2016

Today Nesta CEO Geoff Mulgan shared a new paper: “An open letter on governing London – how the new mayor could get the wiring right.” Mulgan’s piece provides recommendations on “how the mayor could shape their leadership team, structures and processes, and how they can develop a more open, engaged and creative system of governance – one better able to make the most of the city’s amazing assets.”

With the May 5th election fast approaching, Mulgan makes the case for:

  • “Clearly defining the role of mayor as strategic - overseeing a series of delivery agencies, and mobilising London to fix its biggest problems.
  • Deputy mayors appointed for the major priority areas like growth and housing, with clear plans and objectives.
  • New roles like a Chief Technology Officer , and new units like a London Open Data Analytics team, a lab on the Internet of Things, and mobilising the city to work on financial innovations for public benefit.
  • A newly created London collaborative to drive better cooperation between the GLA, national government and boroughs.
  • Use of digital democracy tools like D-CENT to involve London’s public in decisions. - A leaner and more project-based approach to running the GLA.”

Read more here.