Lee Rainie Shares Insights on Technology Adoption by Baby Boomers (And Everybody Else)

Andrew Young — March 25, 2016

This week Network member Lee Rainie and Andrew Perrin, both of Pew Research Center spoke at the 2016 What’s Next Boomer Summit in Washington, D.C. The Boomer Summit is “the nation’s leading conference for companies, experts, and thought leaders in the longevity market to meet and learn from Fortune 100 companies, leading start-ups, and established nonprofit organizations who are successfully targeting the largest and most lucrative consumer demographic in the world.” Rainie and Perrin shared insights from Pew’s research on technology adoption by Baby Boomers (and everybody else).

Description of the talk:

“Innovation and technology go hand in hand in developing the vision and strategy for the business solutions these leaders employ to engage current and new customers (boomers and beyond), and to establish new business models. Explore the best practices in innovation that drive new revenue generation. How is innovation affected by the adoption of technology by older consumers? Lee Rainie and Andrew Perrin present what works and what doesn’t when innovating in large public and nonprofit organizations at the Boomer Summit in Washington.”

View the presentation here.