Karim Lakhani on the Biggest Challenge to the Future of Crowdsourcing in Business

Andrew Young — September 09, 2015

On Medium, the Harvard Business School Digital Initiative has posted a look a detailed look at the use of crowdsourcing to benefit businesses. “The Biggest Challenge to the Future of Crowdsourcing in Business” is built around interviews and panel discussions by Network member and HBS professor Karim Lakhani. Lakhani shares insights on the history of crowdsourcing, the role of the “cognitive surplus,” motivating and sustaining crowds, and challenges to the success of crowdsourcing initiatives.

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Throughout his research, Professor Lakhani has found that crowdsourcing projects are completed successfully at a rate approaching 90% — a number most organizations would move heaven and earth to achieve internally. The key is finding the right set of people, making the work meaningful for them, and successfully crafting the incentives so that they will continue to do the work as more projects are submitted.”

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