Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the Future of AI at Cannes Lions 2015

Andrew Young — June 26, 2015

At this week’s Cannes Lions Festival, Sir Tim Berners-Lee discussed the future of artificial intelligence. In particular, he focused on the role of AI – especially in the form of algorithmic decision-making – in driving the future of business.

“‘If you were selling products 26 years ago, you had to create a web page. But having a website may not be enough, you have to have data out there,’ he said. ‘You need data on product announcements so that Gmail knows when to tell a delivery time to a user. Google Mail will now look and keep track of that order and when [it is] turning up.’ He added: ‘To be part the business world you need to put data out there and it will not be for the user but to the user’s agent.’”

Read more and watch a clip of the talk here.