New Book Edited by Erik Johnston: Governance in the Information Era

Andrew Young — March 05, 2015

Erik Johnston, Network member and director of the Arizona State University Center for Policy Informatics, edited a newly available book titled, Governance in the Information Era: Theory and Practice of Policy Informatics, with chapters authored by Kimberly M. Thompson, Anand Desai, David N. Ford and many others.

“Policy informatics is addressing governance challenges and their consequences, which span the seeming inability of governments to solve complex problems and the disaffection of people from their governments. Policy informatics seeks approaches that enable our governance systems to address increasingly complex challenges and to meet the rising expectations of people to be full participants in their communities. This book approaches these challenges by applying a combination of the latest American and European approaches in applying complex systems modeling, crowdsourcing, participatory platforms and citizen science to explore complex governance challenges in domains that include education, environment, and health.”

Read more about the book and order a copy here.