Deborah Estrin Discusses Apple ResearchKit at Open mHealth Meetup

Andrew Young — March 27, 2015

Last week, Deborah Estrin gave a talk about her work at Cornell Tech’s Small Data Lab at Open mHealth’s fist ever Meetup event in New York. Specifically, Professor Estrin, one of Open mHealth’s co-founders, focused on the potential for Apple’s ResearchKit to work alongside other platforms that make use of personal health data.

From the event announcement:

“Hey Open mHealthers, this is Open mHealth’s first ever Meetup event. And we launch it in NYC! Given the recent and exciting news about Apple’s ResearchKit, let’s talk about what it means, how it impacts Open mHealth and what this might mean for the future of clinical research. Open mHealth is a non-profit that makes it easy for developers to share and integrate digital health data with the right clinical context. Learn more about Open mHealth’s technical offerings.”

Read more about the event and the following Meetup in San Francisco here.