Deborah Estrin Participating in Our Data, Ourselves: A Future Tense Event

Andrew Young — March 19, 2015

Cornell Tech Professor and Open mHealth co-founder Deborah Estrin will participate in a panel called “Whose Data Is It Anyway” at the Our Data Ourselves event held at New America on March 26th. Joining her on the panel are Sara M. Watson, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society; Joel Selanko, assistant professor, Georgetown University and CEO of Magpi and moderator Sherwin Siy, the vice president of legal affairs at Public Knowledge.

Event description:

“Mobile devices are collecting and disseminating a wealth of data about our health—from smartphone-based glucose monitors to Wi-Fi–enabled pacemakers. These innovations allow patients, doctors, and the business world to identify, manage, and research ailments in an unprecedented way. At the same time, the accumulation of this information by corporations and health care providers raises questions about whom our data belongs to, and who is responsible for keeping it safe. Haphazard privacy regulations and inadequate security measures are already putting this highly sensitive data at risk of being leaked or hacked. As health care goes digital, how much access should we have to the information we’re generating, and what can we do to keep it from unfriendly eyes?”

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