New Pew Report: Americans' Privacy Strategies Post-Snowden

Andrew Young — March 16, 2015

Network member Lee Rainie and Mary Madden today introduced a new report on the American publics’ thoughts on and responses to recently publicized data-collecting intelligence programs.  One of the central takeaways from the survey is that:

Some people have changed their behaviors in response to surveillance

Overall, nearly nine-in-ten respondents say they have heard at least a bit about the government surveillance programs to monitor phone use and internet use. Some 31% say they have heard a lot about the government surveillance programs and another 56% say they had heard a little. Just 6% suggested that they have heard “nothing at all” about the programs. The 87% of those who had heard at least something about the programs were asked follow-up questions about their own behaviors and privacy strategies.”

Read the full summary and report here.