Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Net Neutrality is Critical for Europe's Future

Andrew Young — February 02, 2015

In a guest blog for the European Commission, Network member and inventor of the Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee argues that net neutrality is “critical for the future of the Web and the future of human rights, innovation and progress in Europe.”

“Today…a key element of the openness that underpins the Web and the broader Internet is under threat. I’m talking about ‘net neutrality’ - the principle that each ‘packet’ of data must be treated equally by the network. In practice, this means that there should be no censorship: the state should not restrict legal content from citizens, as guaranteed in  Article 11 in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. It also means that there should be no restrictions based on economic motivations. A packet of data - an email, a webpage or a video call - should be treated the same no matter whether it is sent by a small NGO in Ljubljana or a FTSE 100 company in London.”

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