Geoff Mulgan: Inequality and innovation: the end of another trickle down theory?

Andrew Young — February 12, 2015

Geoff Mulgan, Network member, CEO of Nesta and the 50th most connected man in Britain according to GQ UK, explored the relationship between inequality and innovation in a new blog post at Nesta.

In describing one of four “main avenues to explore,” Mulgan argues:

“[T]here needs to be a more inclusive dialogue about what innovation policy is for. Our research last year showed that the UK population was strongly supportive of new ideas, but that the standard rhetoric of technocratic innovation policy – and of ministerial speeches all over the world – simply didn’t chime well with their values. For the public it matters much more what innovation is for, and questions of ethics and of who benefits count in ways that seem to be ignored by many innovation agencies.”

Read the full post here.