Center for Policy Informatics Continues to Look at the Role of GitHub in Public Sector Collaboration

Andrew Young — January 15, 2015

In the second in a series of three posts published on the TechTank Blog at the Brookings Institution, Network post-doc Justin Longo and Tanya Kelley, both of Arizona State University’s Center for Policy Informatics (CPI) continues their examination of GitHub’s capacity for fostering public sector collaboration. These posts were developed under the guidance of Network member and CPI director Erik Johnston.

"”While the Web has transformed many aspects of people’s lives, it has not quite fulfilled Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s 25 year old vision of the Internet. Open governance is hampered by the flood of opinion, invective, snark, and ad hominem attacks. Knowledge sharing and collaboration within institutions — facilitated by web platforms — are often promoted as valued qualities of the knowledge organization, yet barriers to sharing knowledge and absent pathways for collaboration limit the ability of people inside organizations to connect with each other.

GitHub may have the potential to repair the broken social capital amongst web participants, overcome the barriers to knowledge sharing, and build pathways for collaboration because of some of its key features; particularly its socialness, openness, and transparency.”

Read the full piece here.