Stefaan Verhulst and Andrew Young Share Presentation on If, When and How Blockchain Technologies Can Provide Civic Change

Michelle Winowatan — May 31, 2018

In a new post on the GovLab Blog, Network chief of research Stefaan Verhulst and Network coordinator Andrew Young shared insights from the Blockchange: Blockchain for Social Change initiative and made public their presentation on the application of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), including Blockchain, for civic use from this year’s The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference (TICTeC), organized by mySociety in Lisbon.

The blog post and presentation cover early findings from the Blockchange project, which “seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the promise and practice of DLTs tin addressing public problems – with a particular focus on the lack, the role and the establishment of trusted identities.”

Specifically, the presentation explores:

  • The evolving package of attributes present in Blockchain technologies
  • The three varieties of Blockchain for social change use cases (track and trace, smart contracting, and identity)
  • The promise of trusted identity
  • The operational conditions that enable blockchain technology to add value in the civic sector, and the design principles that allows the application to be successful.

Read more and download the presentation here.