Announcement: Public Forum on Opening Governance

Andrew Young — June 24, 2015

On Wednesday July 8th at 3:00pm, theMacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governanceand Nestawill hold a public workshop on innovations in governance.The event, Data-Driven & Collaborative Solutions: Current Findings of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance , will focus on lessons learned and remaining questions related to innovations in health and wellbeing, Internet Governance, and economic development, among other areas of public concern. In particular, the event will explore:

  • new means for quantifying our communities and ourselves to improve decision making; and
  • how collective intelligence and networked expertise can help solve public problems.

Members of the Network, including Beth Simone, Noveck, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Deborah Estrin, Geoff Mulgan, Erik Johnston, Lee Rainie, Stefaan Verhulstand others, will seek to engage participants in a dialogue to the end of collaboratively developing a clear understanding of where we stand in regard to governance innovation and how we can make progress toward identifying and operationalizing what works in practice. The public forum will seek to highlight findings from the Network and assembled participants around governance innovation and provide an opportunity for those in attendance to forge new collaborations.

Learn more and RSVP at this link.