Beth Simone Noveck and Stefaan Verhulst Offer Strategies for Encouraging and Sustaining Innovation in the Next Administration

Andrew Young — September 09, 2016

Last week, Network chair Beth Simone Noveck and Network chief of research Stefaan Verhulst released a new report as part of the Partnership for Public Service and IBM Center for the Business of Government “Ready to Govern – Developing a Management Roadmap for the Next Administration” series. The report, “Encouraging and Sustaining Innovation in Government: Technology and Innovation in the Next Administration,” was informed by insights raised during a January roundtable discussion that featured “35 current and former senior officials from both parties, leaders from Capitol Hill, as well as experts from academia and the private and nonprofit sectors” discussing how to govern innovation in the next administration. Through the synthesis of those insights and the analysis of a number of past experiences of government innovation, the report seeks to explain “how government can improve its use of using digital technologies to create more effective policies, solve problems faster and deliver services more effectively at the federal, state and local levels.”

Noveck and Verhulst conclude with five broad recommendations and 10 “specific and implementable actions to institutionalize a culture of innovation.” The five recommendations are:

  • Scale Data-Driven Governance
  • Scale Collaborative Innovation
  • Promote a Culture of Innovation
  • Utilize Evidence-Based Innovation
  • Make Innovation a Priority in the Transition

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